Acumen is an independent consultancy practice, specialising in business continuity and risk management.  We are focussed on delivering quality consultancy services, not selling software products or recovery services.  Our independence enables us to offer truly impartial advice.

Our methodology follows best-practice guidelines and is geared towards developing an organisation's business continuity capability, rather than merely a business continuity plan.   Learn more about Acumen.

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Training Courses

Acumen provides two types of training course :

  • Bespoke training for individual clients, enabling those wishing to train a number of people at the same time to benefit from the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of courses that are tailored to their specific requirements.

To discuss your specific requirements for bespoke training, contact us at training@acumen-bcp.co.uk

  • Open courses, enabling organisations to provide training for individuals, rather than on a corporate basis. Discounts are available for group bookings.

For details of our forthcoming open courses and to book online, click here to go to our training courses calendar.

Business Continuity and social media

We at Acumen recognise the increasingly important role that social media plays in today's commercial word, for instance in the dissemination of information to an organisation's stakeholders during both normal day-to-day operations and for crisis communications.

Acumen's Consultancy Director, Andy Osborne uses several social media platforms to communicate with clients and other interested parties, including :

'Risk Management Simplified' now available as a multi-media e-book:

Oz's Business Continuity Blog

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During a recent, admittedly somewhat one-sided, conversation with Barney (see '20/20 hindsight', 'Not what it seems', 'Horses for courses' and 'Paws for thought', amongst other previous blogs), after a couple of glasses of wine, I have to confess, it struck me that he and I are actually the same age* - assuming you buy into the generally-accepted ... read more on Oz's blog
Practical Business Continuity Management
Top Tips for Effective, Real-World Business Continuity Management
by Andy Osborne

"If you want to know what business continuity is really about I suggest you read this book ... perhaps even give a copy to your boss as a present. If he or she reads it, it might well make your life much easier."
Lyndon Bird FBCI, Technical Director
Business Continuity Institute
Price: £9.75 + postage & packing

Practical Business Continuity Management is available to buy now at the Acumen Shop in both paperback and e-book versions.
Risk Management Simplified
A practical, step-by-step guide to identifying and addressing risks to your business
by Andy Osborne

"A highly practical 'how to' guide which gives a simple, straightforward and thorough, process which, if followed, will make your business more resilient."
Richard Ward, Group Chairman
Vistage International
(UK and Ireland ) Ltd
Price: £9.75 + postage & packing

Risk Management Simplified is available to buy now at the Acumen Shop in both paperback and e-book versions.