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One flew over the chicken’s nest

I started writing this blog a few weeks ago, when the level of Coronavirus-related selfishness and stupidity was nearing epic proportions. It turned into a fairly substantial rant, even by my standards, on such topics as the ridiculous level of panic buying, the scumbag profiteers selling hand sanitiser, toilet rolls and other ill-gotten gains at […]

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The wood from the trees (or, more accurately, the trees from the wood)

Just before Christmas, my chainsaw (see ‘Boys’ toys’ and ‘No jacket required’) made one of its increasingly infrequent appearances. It doesn’t come out to play very often, but Christmas is one of the rare occasions when it does, as it helps the Oz family obtain our Christmas tree. Before you perform the proverbially erroneous two […]

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Judgement day

The last few weeks have been quite busy – and, at times, a teeny bit stressful. I’ve prepared and facilitated four crisis management  and business recovery exercises (two of which included actors and journalists and mock TV and radio news reports and one of which had participants in four different time zones), run a couple […]

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It’s about time (2)

During a recent, admittedly somewhat one-sided, conversation with Barney (see ‘20/20 hindsight‘, ‘Not what it seems‘, ‘Horses for courses‘ and ‘Paws for thought‘, amongst other previous blogs), after a couple of glasses of wine, I have to confess, it struck me that he and I are actually the same age* – assuming you buy into […]

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Oh dear diary

A couple of blogs ago (see ‘It’s all geek to me’) I mentioned the fact that I’m not, shall we say, totally wedded to technology, at least not for technology’s sake. In that blog I also mentioned that I’m an aficionado of the humble paper diary. Whilst I admit it’s not particularly shiny or whizzy, my paper […]

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A deep and meaningful experience

Last week I was subjected to a torture session masquerading as physiotherapy, to help treat yet another sport-related ailment (see ‘Eye eye captain‘, ‘Going head to head‘ and ‘A toe-curling tale‘). This time it’s a condition called plantar fasciitis, which, if you’re not familiar with or had the misfortune to suffer from it, results in […]

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It’s all geek to me

A friend of mine has, on more than one occasion, and somewhat unfairly in my opinion, accused me of being a Luddite. It’s not that I have anything against technology per se and, unlike the original Luddites, I have no particular desire to destroy it (at least only the occasional urge, but only when it’s deserved). In […]

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The ramblings of a travelling consultant – episode 8

I recently spent a week in Sofia in Bulgaria, with a colleague, helping a client with some business continuity exercises and tests. The work went fine and, as expected, an assortment of successes, gaps, suggested improvements and follow-up actions were identified. Client confidentiality prevents me from divulging further details – that and the fact that it […]

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The skiing bug

Seasoned readers of my blog will know that the Osbornes are keen skiers (see ‘A white Christmas‘, ‘Ski boots and celery‘, ‘Piste again‘ and ‘Snow bother‘). We recently spent a week in Cortina D’Ampezzo, in the Italian Dolomites, with some friends, with whom we’ve holidayed many times over the years. My mate Richard has, in fact, […]

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