Business continuity Tip of the Month
This month's Tip of the Month ‘Are you sitting comfortably?' suggests that many organisations make their crisis management or business continuity exercises far too easy, with the result that they are inadequately prepared to deal with real incidents. Click on this text or select the 'Tip of the Month' tab on the menu bar.

'Oz's Business Continuity Blog'
Andy Osborne's latest blog 'The wood for the trees', on the need for substance as well as style in our plans, and accurate info on which to base them (along with his latest chainsaw exploits!) is at Click on this text or select 'Oz's Business Continuity Blog' from the 'Resources' tab on the menu bar.

Oz's Blogs available as an e-book
Andy Osborne's latest book 'Ski Boots and Celery - A Compilation of Oz's Business Continuity Blogs' is available as a downloadable e-book. For more information or to purchase a copy, go to the Acumen Shop at or click on this text