'Oz's Business Continuity Blog'
Andy Osborne's latest blog 'It's about time (2)', which discusses a couple of important time- related business continuity issues - and some human/canine ones!) is at http://www.acumen-bcp.co.uk/blog/?p=4190. Click on this text or select 'Oz's Business Continuity Blog' from the 'Resources' tab on the menu bar.

Business continuity Tip of the Month
This month's Tip of the Month ‘Touchy feely’ suggests that a bit of ‘touchy feely’ consideration of your people’s needs, worries and personal circumstances makes good business sense, even if it's not in your nature! Click on this text or select the 'Tip of the Month' tab on the menu bar.

Oz's Blogs available as an e-book
Andy Osborne's latest book 'Ski Boots and Celery - A Compilation of Oz's Business Continuity Blogs' is available as a downloadable e-book. For more information or to purchase a copy, go to the Acumen Shop at www.shop.acumen-bcp.co.uk or click on this text