What Our Clients Say

Our recent business continuity management audit with the BSi went very well. The auditor was very impressed with the work we had done on business continuity and in particular the flexible nature of our approach.

As luck would have it, we experienced an incident the evening before their arrival, which resulted in the invocation of the business continuity plan. This helped to demonstrate that the plan was effective - it certainly helped us to manage the incident in a professional and structured way.

Thanks to Acumen for all their help with the development of our approach - we would not have had such a detailed and professional approach to business continuity without their help.

Carolyn Hughes
Business Performance Department
Ricoh UK Products Ltd

In 2005 we agreed to look at our business continuity processes within the organisation.  We had in place department disaster recovery plans and an overall organisational disaster recovery plan but it was felt that this wasn’t sufficient in terms of our overall business continuity requirements.

I met up with Andy Osborne from Acumen and we discussed possible ways forward.  I was impressed by his innovative and creative ideas in how to produce business continuity plans and more importantly, how to change peoples perceptions within the organisation in terms of business continuity needs.

Andy put together a programme of presentations for our directors’ and senior managers’ and produced a two year plan to implement a full revised business continuity process.   The system that Andy helped us to introduce is based on the Home Office model (Gold, Silver, Bronze) which everybody involved with was able to understand and buy in to.

Andy brought with him a great deal of experience and expertise in this area, coupled with his excellent interpersonal skills he was an ideal partner for us to develop these processes.

We now have excellent business continuity processes in place which we review regularly with Acumen’s assistance.

Chris Taylor
Assistant Director Corporate Development
ESRC have employed Andy Osborne, as a member of the group Acumen, as a Business Continuity Consultant since 2005.

At all times I have found Andy to be dependable, honest, and helpful. The breadth of his knowledge and the consistent quality of his answers in all areas sets an excellent example for other members in the business continuity community.

His familiarity with what it takes for a business to successfully test their Business Continuity plan makes it clear that he is one of the industry's top experts. Andy worked closely with ESRC every step of the way when we had our first exercise in 2005, and has continued to provide an exemplary service for the second and third of these exercises, and we are currently in the middle of planning a fourth.

The scenarios and set up of the exercises has been excellent and inventive and has stimulated discussion of the plan and helped us improve it as well as bringing the team together for an interesting and informative day. The use of simulated news transmissions and photos, as well as external 'phone calls from real journalists made sure that it was as authentic as possible. This greatly assisted ESRC in instilling a sense of a business continuity culture within the organisation.

Business Continuity Co-ordinator
Economic and Social Research Council