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Practical Business Continuity Management
Top Tips for Effective, Real-World Business Continuity Management
by Andy Osborne

"If you want to know what business continuity is really about I suggest you read this book ... perhaps even give a copy to your boss as a present. If he or she reads it, it might well make your life much easier."
Lyndon Bird FBCI, Technical Director
Business Continuity Institute
Price: £9.75 + postage & packing

Practical Business Continuity Management is available to buy now at the Acumen Shop in both paperback and e-book versions.
Risk Management Simplified
A practical, step-by-step guide to identifying and addressing risks to your business
by Andy Osborne

"A highly practical 'how to' guide which gives a simple, straightforward and thorough, process which, if followed, will make your business more resilient."
Richard Ward, Group Chairman
Vistage International
(UK and Ireland ) Ltd
Price: £9.75 + postage & packing

Risk Management Simplified is available to buy now at the Acumen Shop in both paperback and e-book versions.

Business Continuity Tools

Business Continuity Plan
Whilst it is not our recommended approach, we recognise that some people wish to develop their own business continuity plan using a template as a starting point. The danger with this approach is that a) the other essential elements of an effective business continuity programme (such as conducting a business impact analysis and developing a business continuity strategy which underpins the plan) are sometimes overlooked and b) often the plan template used isn't very good!

Acumen's business continuity plan template has been developed and fine-tuned as a result of years of extensive practical experience and is proven to work, having been used by clients 'in anger'.

Divided into logical and well-defined sections, with checklists for responding to various situations, this comprehensive Microsoft Word® template also contains expert advice, tips and notes to assist you in the completion of your plan and ensure you don't overlook anything important.

Price : £300 plus VAT. Click here to make your online purchase and download your template.
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